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Academy Council

The Academy Council plays a vital role in the life of Oasis Academy Johanna. It is comprised of members of the local community, the local authority, parent representatives, a member of the support staff and a member of the teaching staff. Meeting 6 times in the evening throughout the academic year, the Academy Council acts as ‘critical friends’ on issues of attainment and performance, whilst also being very involved in ensuring the development of a thriving and holistic community Hub.

Our Academy Councillors are drawn from a variety of backgrounds and have different reasons for connecting with Johanna. Some have children at Johanna, some are employed by the Academy whilst others live or work locally and represent the vibrancy of the Waterloo community. These individuals come together to provide their collective views on progress and achievement of our objectives; they do not act as representatives but this cross-section ensures we get a mixture of perspectives to improve debate.

In the context of Oasis Community Learning as the body with legal responsibility for Oasis Academy Johanna, we work in partnership with their national framework setting and make it local. 

As per the governance model, this Academy Council does not have the statutory responsibilities as these are held at national level. All Academy Councillors are appointed by the Oasis Community Learning National Executive

Considerations that are best determined and managed locally are, for which the Academy Council has responsibility with the Executive Principal. Put simply, the Academy Council acts as a “critical friend” to the Executive Principal by providing advice and support.

We have built a strong Academy Council that oversees the work of the school management.  If you would like to find out more about the Academy Council or attend a meeting please contact us.

Academy Council

Names Appointed by Role Date Appointed End Date Business/
Pecuniary Interests
06.11.18 08.01.19 05.03.19 07.05.19
Steve Chalke Sponsor (Community) Chair
Safeguarding &
Child Protection
Nov 2014   Founder of Oasis Y Y Postponed  
Diana Morgan OAJ Exec Principal     None Y Y Postponed  
Tara Penny OAJ Associate
    None Y Y Postponed  
Sam Tucker Sponsor (Community)   Aug 2017 July 2020 None Y Y Postponed  
Lyn Ransom Sponsor
Early Years
Sept 2018 Aug 2021 None N Y Postponed  
Julian Darby Sponsor
  Aug 2017 July 2020 None N N Postponed  
Leanne Foulkes Teaching Staff   Sept 2017 Aug 2020 None Y N Postponed  
Marion Greenhough Sponsor
  Sept 2018 Aug 2021 None Y Y Postponed  
Claire Reynolds Parent   Sept 2018 Aug 2021 None Y Y Postponed  
Raquel Januario Parent   Sept 2018 Aug 2021 None Y N Postponed