Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Meet the Staff

Meet the Johanna family!

Academy Leadership Team

Di Morgan
Executive Principal

My 14th year here! All of my children have now left home and I'm still waiting for
grandbabies and dreaming of running a sub 4 marathon!

Tara Penny
Associate Principal

I am looking forward to another great year at Johanna - my eleventh in fact! 
When I'm not at school, I enjoy walking my dogs!

Paul David
Assistant Principal

It's great to get started at Johanna and I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone
in the school and community. When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my young family.

Joanne Sines

I enjoy working with smaller groups of children and finding new ways to help them learn.
I am looking forward to my 10th year at Johanna, working with staff, children and parents to support children with additional needs.


Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Leanne Foulkes
Class Teacher - Year 6 (Violet Class)

This year I get to stay with the same children and move on to Year 6 with them.  School journey,
Shakespeare Festival, leavers' events - so much to look forward to!


Alex Corbet-Milward
Class Teacher - Year 4 (Blue Class)

When I'm not at school, I like to travel and make pottery.  I'm excited about teaching Year 4 again!


Emma Grove
Class Teacher - Year 3 (Green Class)

This is my second year at Johanna and I'm really looking forward to another great year teaching in Year 3.


Sharika Campbell
Class Teacher - Year 2 (Yellow Class)

I am looking forward to new challenges! In my spare time I enjoy exploring my creative side, through
engaging in arts and crafts.


Jeanette O'Connell
Class Teacher - Year 1 (Orange Class)

I am really looking forward to working in Year 1 again, especially teaching the children I have already
taught in Rainbow and Red Class ... exciting times!


Olive Tenn
Class Teacher - Reception (Red Class)

I am looking forward to new challenges in Early Years and working with my fantastic team.


Simon Barber

Class Teacher - Nursery (Rainbow Class)

I am looking forward to working in the Nursery this year.  I will also be covering in Reception Class. 
I will be continuing to teach computer science throughout the school.


Louise Vane
Music and Cover Teacher

This year I am looking forward to a new year full of singing and music.


David Shepherd
EAL (New Arrivals)

My main role this year at Oasis Academy Johanna on a Wednesday is targetting learners in
Key Stage 2 for additional support and interventions.


Jane Currell
PPA Cover Teacher

I am excited to join the Oasis Johanna team this year, teaching from Year 1-5 from Monday to Wednesday each week.


Kinga Radwan
Higher Level Teaching Assistant

I'm looking forward to another exciting year at Johanna.  When I'm not working, I am learning foreign
languages and seeing new places.


Foluke Ijaluwoye
Higher Level Teaching Assistant

My heart's desire is for children to learn, have fun and most importantly persevere.
I believe that every child matters and I will do my best to support them all according to their abilities.


Danny Coombs

Looking forward to a new year!


Louise Cummins

I'm looking forward to my third year working as an ELSA. I'm also looking forward to another
season with the Parakeets Womens' Team.


Pauline Ebanks
Teaching Assistant

I enjoy learning new things. I love maths, art and history.


Ann Siviour
Teaching Assistant

I am looking forward to working with groups of children from all year groups.


Joanne Bradley
Teaching Assistant

When I was at school I enjoyed playing netball.  I am looking forward to working with the Reception Class children.


Diana Ward
Teaching Assistant

I'm really looking forward to another exciting year of working and learning with my extended family.
This year I would like to help children to understand areas of learning they find challenging.


Samantha Bassom
Teaching Assistant

I am looking forward to my fourth year at Johanna. I enjoy supporting children in their learning and
helping them to achieve their goals.


Ama Benjamin
Nursery Nurse

I am looking forward to meeting the new children and helping them to settle in.  I would like to improve my ICT skills.


Cheila Nicols
Teaching Assistant

This year I'm going to work in Nursery for the very first time.  I'm super excited because I really
enjoy working with the little ones.


Hazera Shaheen
Teaching Assistant

I am a friendly person who love's making new friends.  I love working with children and in my spare time
I enjoy reading and watching television.


Taiwo Okesanjo
Teaching Assistant

I love helping children to understand areas they find challenging and see the smile on their face when they finally understand.


Amina Bey
Teaching Assistant

Always a pleasure and honour to be back.  Very excited to be in Year 2 with Sharika and Pauline.


Shapee Hussain
Teaching Assistant

I am very excited to start my new job as a Teaching Assistant.  After an amazing year with Year 5,
I look forward to another year ahead with Year 6.


Amina Saidani
Teaching Assistant

This is my second year working in Johanna.  I've enjoyed working with an amazing team.


Tonia Bignall
Teaching Assistant

 I am looking forward to working in Year 4 this year with Alex.


Academy Support Staff

Louisa Parrales
School Chaplain

I am looking forward to continue supporting children, parents and staff as we help each other to
become the best versions of ourselves in our school and community.

Nicky Church
Admin Officer

I look forward to spending time with my growing family and visiting new places around the world.

Monica Barrett
Admin & Finance Officer

I am looking forward to another busy and fun packed year at Johanna.

Sofiane Belaoud
Site Manager

I am in my fifth year here at Johanna and hope to make it the best place in the UK! 

Kitchen Staff

Our delightful kitchen staff Angela, Janet and Rama.