Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Pupil Committees

At Johanna we are committed to involving pupils in issues of interest to them.  Children are elected by their class to become School Councillors and Eco Warriors. They then represent their peers in meetings and feedback decisions to their class. We have Playground Pals from Year 5 and Year 6 children apply to become Prefects. They are interviewed as well!

At Oasis Academy Johanna we have an enthusiastic group of children who are our Eco Warriors! Two children are elected from each class (Years 2-6) and they attend at least one Eco meeting every two weeks. The Eco Warriors have a range of responsibilities in their classrooms and throughout school. They raise our awareness about sustainability and encourage everyone to recycle, save energy and live healthy lives. We encourage good habits for the future. 

Music Captains are responsible for music in the playground at breaktimes, as well as helping out in Music Assemblies leading singing.  They meet every other week with Lou to discuss how things are going and to share new ideas.

What is a playground pal? Well as part of a team, we:

  • Help create a happy, safe and friendly playground environment
  • Help others to play co-operatively
  • Help others to resolve minor conflicts
  • Help lonely children to make friends
  • Teach new games to others
  • Are available to be a friend to others. 

Year 6 Prefects are chosen to be positive role models for the younger children in the school as they encourage and demonstrate good choices in behaviour and attitude. Prefects have specific roles that support the teachers in practical ways, including setting up and tidying up for assembly, helping to keep coat areas tidy, helping with the PE shed equipment, helping reception and year 1 children back to class after lunch and helping teachers to carry out special duties when asked.