Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Pupil Committees

At Johanna we are committed to involving pupils in issues of interest to them.  Children are elected by their class to become School Councillors and Eco Warriors. They then represent their peers in meetings and feedback decisions to their class. We have Playground Pals from Year 5 and Year 6 children apply to become Prefects. They are interviewed as well!

Committee News

Gardening Club

Week Ending 12.07.19:  This week we harvested our first courgette - and enjoyed it in courgette and lemon cake.

It was the last after school Gardening Club of this school year. We harvested more veggies, planted pumpkin seedlings in hope of a crop in autumn, we talked about all the things we’ve enjoyed this year and made plans for next year.

Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported the garden, and taken it ...

Follow us at OAJ Gardening on Facebook and on the school website. We’ll see you for another year of growing in September ~ Kathy

Week Ending 05.07.19: Look at what we’re harvesting in the garden - broad beans, runner beans, peas and one delicious strawberry! We would love for more of you to join us. Join our Facebook group OAJ Gardening and come to Family Gardening Club - just let me or Nicky know if you’re interested ~ Kathy.

For the Johanna Summer Celebration we invited people into the garden to try our broad bean dip and beetroot dip. We gave away plants and salad leaves and were very grateful for over £7 in donations to buy compost and equipment for the garden in future.

Week Ending 21.06.19: This week we are doing a lot of weeding and a bit less watering because there has been so much rain. We’re really excited to see so many flowers emerging, and even a few fruits and vegetables!

Dyllan’s award-winning sunflower seems to grow several inches each day and this week its beautiful flower opened.

Y6 Sunflower Competition: Christiano (Y6) and Louisa put together a competition for the children in Year 6 to feed and take care of a sunflower plant over the Easter break.  Lana, Graciela, Daniel, Riya, Meriem, Mohamed and Leonor (all in Y6); and Leanne, Amina and Shapee (all staff) took part in the competition.

The winners of the competition were Lana and Amina for the tallest plant and were awarded a seed pack and a certificate. These plants have now be planted in a large pot next to the library so as they grow they will be remembered over the years at Oasis Academy Johanna.

Gardening Club: Our new gardening club has officially started. The children will work with Kathy each week to take care of the garden. The Eco warriors have also begun to work  with Kathy in order to develop our Eco garden and they thoroughly enjoyed their first session.

Eco Warriors

At Oasis Academy Johanna we have an enthusiastic group of children who are our Eco Warriors! Two children are elected from each class (Years 2-6) and they attend at least one Eco meeting every two weeks. The Eco Warriors have a range of responsibilities in their classrooms and throughout school. They raise our awareness about sustainability and encourage everyone to recycle, save energy and live healthy lives. We encourage good habits for the future.

ECO Games - Thames Water: KS2 had an assembly on how important water is and ways that we can work together to save water. Representatives from the eco team and pupil parliament took part in a workshop following the assembly which involved playing a variety of games related to ecology. Each child in the school got to take some ECO games goodies home that would help them to teach others how to save water.

Music Captains

Music Captains are responsible for music in the playground at breaktimes, as well as helping out in Music Assemblies leading singing.  They meet every other week with Lou to discuss how things are going and to share new ideas.

Playground Pals

What is a playground pal? Well as part of a team, we:

  • Help create a happy, safe and friendly playground environment
  • Help others to play co-operatively
  • Help others to resolve minor conflicts
  • Help lonely children to make friends
  • Teach new games to others
  • Are available to be a friend to others. 

05.07.19 - Fundraising: A huge well done to the Playground Pals in Year 5 who have worked really hard this year to raise spending money for the October 2019 residential trip.  They have raised a total of £97 through their events.


16.03.19 - Fundraising: A huge well done goes to our Playground Pals - Skye, Erika, Merricka, Isabella, Adam, Joao, Yacub and Salma - who organised and ran a toy sale during the International Event to raise money for spending money for their whole class to share when they go to their residential trip in October. The children are working on further fundraising initiatives to support their whole class to enable them to enjoy their residential together - look out for more details soon and be ready to support them in their efforts!


Year 6 Prefects are chosen to be positive role models for the younger children in the school as they encourage and demonstrate good choices in behaviour and attitude. Prefects have specific roles that support the teachers in practical ways, including setting up and tidying up for assembly, helping to keep coat areas tidy, helping with the PE shed equipment, helping reception and year 1 children back to class after lunch and helping teachers to carry out special duties when asked.