Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Subject timing allocations

There are no statutory requirements for time allocated to subjects in primary school, however, at OAJ we carefully timetable each term so that we are providing pupils with a well-rounded curriculum.

English and Maths sessions are timetabled daily. Science, Music, PE and RE are timetabled weekly.

We often teach subjects such as Art and DT in a block, meaning we spend a several consecutive sessions over a short period rather than a slot of an hour a week, for example we may deconstruct, design, make, evaluate and improve a toy car in a week thus covering the term of DT skills in five afternoons.

Geography or History is taught across a term through a topic.

Children at OAJ can expect to have:

  Weekly Over the year
Maths 5 -7 hours 180 - 252 hours
English 5 - 7 hours 180 - 252 hours
Science 1.5 -2 hours 54-72 hours
ICT Integrated into other curriculum areas
Design Technology Often blocked 36 hours
History Termly topic 30 hours
Geography Termly topic 30 hours
Art and Design Often blocked 36 hours
Music 1 hour 36 hours
PE 2 hours 72 hours
Modern Languages 1 hour (KS2 only) 36 hours
Religious Education 1 hour 36 hours
PSHE and Citizenship 45 minutes 27 hours  


Key Stage One and Early Years pupils have longer play sessions than KS2, hence the range of times.

Do remember that reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are used throughout the day.

A whole day may be dedicated to a specific area while on a trip – for example much of the RE for a term will be learnt in a day trip to the Buddhist centre.