Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Resource Base

The Resource Base at Oasis Academy Johanna offers up to 12 places across EYFS (Reception), KS1 and KS2.

The Resource Base Provision is currently made up of Gold Class (EYFS –KS2) and caters to children with Moderate Learning Difficulties and physical needs. The staff team work closely together so that the specific needs of individual pupils can be met. The Resource Base is supported by our team of an experienced SEND teacher and SEND teaching assistants. Children within this class are placed and funded by the local authority.

The learning environment is based on site and is set up across two classrooms and an outside learning area.

The Resource Base follows a broad and balanced creative curriculum, with an emphasis on developing the pupil’s life skills and independence. The curriculum is personalised to the special educational needs of our pupils. The teaching staff plan and offer a wealth of provision for the pupils (supported by an Educational Psychologist, a Speech and Language therapist and other external services). The school also has access to a Pupil & Family Support Worker, via Oasis Waterloo Hub, to support specific wider needs for the families.

In the morning lessons, learning tends to focus on literacy and maths. In the afternoons, there is a topic focus and opportunities to support Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and general EHCP targets. The pupils also access additional learning such as cooking, free flow play and self-care skills. There are also opportunities for the pupils, where relevant, to join mainstream classes to access other aspects of the school day e.g. PE sessions, science lessons, music lessons, theme days, trips, assemblies etc.

To be considered for a place in the Resource Base, all children will need an Education Health Care Plan. The EHCP caseworker will send this document to the school as part of the consultation process to identify if there are spaces and if so, whether needs can be appropriately met within this setting.

Throughout the year, the SENCO runs regular afternoon tours to enable parents to visit the Resource Base, enabling them to ask questions and find out more about our provision. Please call the office on 0207 928 5814 to arrange a visit.