Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Plans for the Safe Re-opening of the School

Plans for the Safe Re-opening of the School

Dear Parents and Carers of children in Nursery*, R, Y1 & Y6,

Plans for the safe re-opening of the school.

As you know, the government has said that they would like your child to return to school from 1st June if they deem this to be safe. They will make this decision on Thursday 28th May.

Should they decide that it is safe, I will open on Tuesday 2nd June. This is so that I can update my entire staff as to additional health and safety requirements of opening. (If your child is currently in the keyworker provision, that will be open on 1st June as usual.)

My number one priority is the safety of your child, your family and my staff.

Since the lockdown we have provided childcare for those eligible. This shows me that with care, sensible planning and the strong teamwork that is a key feature of this school, we can achieve this.

I am fortunate in the geography of our building; I will be able to keep each group of children separate. To that end I will be using three different entrances, details of which are on the attached risk assessment.

I also plan to keep staffing for each group as stable as possible. Children will be in groups of no more than six with the same staff, wherever possible, this will mean that your child may not be with their class teacher. These ‘social bubbles’ will reduce contact with people. We will teach children to keep apart from each other within these bubbles as much as their age will allow. Depending on numbers, which I have yet to finalise, the children and staff will attend on alternate days.


Team A

Team B

Key worker children

Sharika & Ami

Emma & Diana


Olive & Cheila

Simon & Sam

Year 1

Jeanette & Joanne

Amy & Taiwo

Year 6

Leanne & Louise

Jane/David & Danny

I will let you know which team your child is in, if you have told me they are attending, once opening is confirmed. When a ‘bubble’ is full, I will put any other children who wish to attend on the waiting list until a new group is ready.

*Please note that at the time of writing there is so little demand from our Nursery class that it will not re-open. This may change over time, if demand increases.

I will be making a video as soon as I know when we are definitely opening so that I can walk you through the arrangements and show you the provision.

I know that you will have many questions so please read the risk assessment carefully and contact me via the school office by email or telephone if you are unsure about anything. There is no expectation that your child will wear their uniform as I know that many will have outgrown it, however, please send them in comfortable, loose fitting clothing.

Please note that you are under no obligation to send your child into school.

Online learning at will continue for all children whether or not they attend on some days.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time and the support you are showing my team who are working exceptionally hard to do all they can for our children in such unprecedented times. If you have any questions, I can be contacted through the school office.

Yours sincerely,

Di Morgan


Guidance for parents and carers as schools and other education settings in England open to more children and young people can be found here:


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