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Volunteers' Assembly

Volunteers' Assembly

On Tuesday 25th June, we held a special assembly to say thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers.

A volunteer is a person who does a job, but does not get paid. Some of our school staff are volunteers outside work. Tara grows food on an allotment for a food bank, Simon is a rugby coach and Emma leads a Beavers group.

Some of our children are volunteers. Leonor and Mohamed spoke about being members of the School Pupil Parliament, and Skye and Erika spoke about being Playground Pals. We also have Eco Warriors and Music Captains. Our Year 6 Prefects told Year 5 about applying for the role and the benefits.

We gave certificates to the adult volunteers who come to Johanna to support us.  Raquel, Sam, Julian, Lyn and Claire who are members of our Academy Council, now Hub Council who have worked hard to support Di and Tara to make this school so brilliant. The M&S volunteer team who have painted our outdoor areas and made them look so much nicer, Barbara who organises our library, Marion who cooks with us and Kathy who has transformed our quad into an amazing food garden.  Children gave speeches to our wonderful mentors Ros, Marion, Sally and Hazel who work with children across the school giving them valuable additional support.

We know that learning to read fluently is a key skill. We are so grateful to the wonderful people who support us making sure all children have opportunities to read and enjoy talking about books.  We said thank you to Val, Hazel, Vjollca and Jacqui for their work with us; Sue and Chris who fund our Beanstalk programme, and Sarah, Blaise and Pam who volunteer through this programme and our Lunchtime Readers: Sam, Yi Peng, Eve, Poppy, Natasha, Becky, Alice, Claire, Renata and Laura.

Last but not least, we said thank you to our parent volunteers who do so much for us including organising events, coming on trips and communicating information to our parents: Claire, Louise, Fatoumata, Wafaa, Bintu, Raquel, Muna, Alexandra, Bouchra, Monique, Sarah, Maria, Carly, Jacky, Khyria, Sylvia and Kadecha.

We then sang a song to say thank you.