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Welcome to the Oasis Johanna Music News. We will be posting all the musical events and performances that take place over the year, as well as pictures from class music lessons. Keeping you up to date with what is happening in the music department at Johanna.

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Year 5: MX Band Concert, RFH

Indigo Class went to play, together with six other Lambeth Schools, in a Wind Band at the Royal Festival Hall. They played in the Clore Ballroom in front of a packed audience. Everyone was fantastic and we all really enjoyed the concert. Well done Indigo Class!


March 2019: The children did a fantastic performance during the Sign2Sing Assembly this year. Lots of parents, carers and family came and joined in with the signs. We all sang ‘Get Up and Sign’ using the British Sign Language (BSL).

The children did a fantastic performance during the Sign2Sing Assembly this year. Lots of parents, carers and family came and joined in with the signs. We all sang ‘Get Up and Sign’ using the British Sign Language (BSL).

This year we also included two Makaton songs. The children signed and sang ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ and ‘One Call Away.’

A big thank you to all who came along to the assembly. Thank you all for your donations to SignHealth. The children raised £162.68. Well done!

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KS1 Nativity: The Inn-spectors

Dec 2018: Another spectacular Nativity show from KS1. Our wonderful narrators led us through the story. We had a dazzling Star of Bethlehem singing a solo, with her backing group The Twinkles; Roman Soldiers organising the travellers and street sellers and tour guide; posh Innkeepers dealing with their grumpy guests; wandering sheep with their shepherds; a donkey with sore hooves; Angel Gabriel and Mary sang solos whilst the angels floated about around them, and of course the main attraction baby Jesus with Mary and Joseph. But we mustn’t forget the Inn-spectors who came to inspect the inns, only to find that some people were staying in the stable. “This will not do,” they said, however when they saw the baby Jesus they changed their minds and declared that the stable was “fit for a king.” And so the nativity ended with a cheerful and joyous song from all the children

Inn-Spectors 07
Inn-Spectors 10
Inn-Spectors 11
Inn-Spectors 12
Inn-Spectors 13
Inn-Spectors 14
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KS2 Winter Concert

We began our performance with a rousing version of ‘Gaudete’, which means rejoice in Latin. This year was the year of the xylophone/glockenspiel. All the children learnt how to play a class piece to perform in the concert. This was a great challenge for the younger children, as there were many different parts to remember and also knowing when to play takes great concentration.

After many weeks of practising they rose to the challenge and Green Class played ‘Little Donkey’, Blue Class played ‘Ding Dong Merrily on High’ and Violet Class played ‘African Noel’. They all played excellently and gave a great performance. We enjoyed Year 3 and Year 4 singing ‘Mr. Frosty Winter’ in two parts, and Year 6 sang and danced the tango fandango with ‘Turkey Tango’. But we can’t forget the bucket drums, who came in with a rocking ‘We Will, We Will Jingle!’

To finish off everyone sang ‘We All Need Peace’, such a beautiful song, sung with such expression. Well done everyone, it was a great concert. Thank you for all your hard work. (Lou)

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Carols at Lambeth PCT

Dec 2018: The Choir went on their annual trip to sing carols to the staff at the Lambeth PCT offices on Lower Marsh. They had spent weeks practising and it paid off because they sang absolutely beautifully and managed to sing several songs in two parts. The Choir sang to raise money for the Oasis Charity Stop the Traffik.  In total they raised £173.


Year 5: MX Band Concert

Dec 2018: Indigo Class had their first Wind Band Concert, playing to the rest of the school and their parents. They have been learning to play the flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone and percussion together as a whole class. The concert was to showcase the work that they have done so far this term. They are making excellent progress and the concert went really well. They all enjoyed it.

MX 01
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Carolathon: Waterloo Station

On Monday 17th December, the children sang at Waterloo Station to raise money for the Oasis Foodbank.  A good time was had by all.  We are delighted to announce that we raised over £10,000.  We are very grateful to all of the singers from our community who gave up their time for this worthy cause.

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Year 4: Deep Abyss

Nov 2018: Year 4 worked together to create rhythms using words from their topic ‘Deep Abyss’. Then they matched the rhythm sounds to the correct musical notes.

They assigned each of their pictures a note name and then played their melody on the xylophone or glockenspiel. Excellent composition work Blue Class, well done.

Deep Abyss 02

Year 3: Boomwhackers!

Nov 2018: Year 3 followed the graphic notation on the whiteboard and played along with their boomwhackers.  Excellent concentration skills Green Class, well done!

Boomwhackers 01

Year 5: MX Band Lessons

Oct 2018: Year 5 have started to learn how to play tuned instruments together in MX Band lessons, taught by Chris from Lambeth Music Service. The children are learning to play the glockenspiels, trombones, trumpets, clarinets and flutes. They are doing really well. Keep up the good work Indigo Class.

MX Band Lessons 01
MX Band Lessons 02
MX Band Lessons 03